Mesotherapy is a non-surgical cosmetic medicine treatment which first of all helps to fight cellulite, excessive weight, and ageing skin. In the middle of the 20th century, a French physician Michel Pistor invented a type of therapy, in the course of which multiple microscopic quantities of certain active agents, which help to fight various problems, are injected into the skin. It’s because the active agents are injected directly into the skin that mesotherapy is so effective. The medications are absorbed at a certain area and don’t travel throughout the entire organism. The efficiency of cellulite treatment also consists in the fact that the active agents are injected directly into the fat, where they destroy fat cells quicker and more efficiently. The medications used in mesotherapy include amino acids, coenzymes, vitamins, hyaluronic acid, minerals, and nucleic acids. Since all of them are naturally found in human body, mesotherapy is totally safe and, as a rule, doesn’t cause allergy.

Mesotherapy is recommended for people with especially greasy skin, since it diminishes the appearance of the pores, improves pH balance in the body, and makes the skin less greasy and shiny. At the same time, mesotherapy also revives dry skin, stimulating blood circulation and brightening the complexion.


The treatment is performed as closely to the problem area(s) as possible. Microscopic quantities of medications are injected into subcutaneous tissues, from where they do not go directly into the blood circulatory system, but are being deposited and slowly absorbed, i.e. the effect is long-lasting indeed. The injections are administered either one by one with the help of a syringe, or using a mesotherapy gun. The injections into the superficial epidermal layer are performed at the depth of 0-2 mm, while deeper injections are delivered at the depth of 2-10 mm. No more than three different active agents can be mixed in a single injection, and within one session about 4-5 ml of the medication is provided to the patient (excluding cellulite).


  • medications are safe and well-absorbed
  • the effects of the treatment are long-lasting
  • can be combined with other medications
  • doesn’t require anaesthesia
  • doesn’t leave scars
  • doesn’t cause addiction or form a habit
  • a precisely dosed mixture of homeopathic agents stimulates the healing properties of the organism itself.
  • Mesotherapy doesn’t suppress the symptoms of a disease and neither does it load the organism with toxic substances.

    Before the procedure:

    Mesotherapy doesn’t require any special preparation. However, it is important that the skin should be clean. Do not use any creams, visit a sauna or a solarium on the day of the treatment. The activities mentioned above may clog pores and make the skin on one’s face too sensitive. When the skin is clean, and the dead cells have been peeled off, the active agents reach the deeper layers of skin more quickly and act more efficiently. One of the means of cleaning the skin is microresurfacing.


  • diabetes
  • oncological problems (cancer)
  • heart stimulator
  • severe acne
  • pregnancy
  • Side effects:

  • slight pain, minor swelling, redness, or bleeding may develop on the next few days after the procedure, but they should disappear after a couple of days;
  • minor discoloration of facial skin, which resolves on its own, or can be treated with chemical peels to remove it quickly.
  • Possible complications:

  • any administered injection can cause inflammation
  • in some cases allergy can develop.
  • After the procedure:

    The patient may go on with his/her everyday activities. However, on the day when the treatment is provided the skin should rest. Do not apply makeup or creams on your skin on the day of the procedure after it has been performed. Although there is no recovery period, the patient may want to stay in after the treatment, since the skin may indeed be a bit red and sensitive. In order to achieve even more long-lasting results and visible changes, it is recommended to repeat the procedure. You can undergo mesotherapy treatment on your face once a week within a month, and on your body – twice a week 6-10 times consecutively. The results will be more durable if you undergo an additional treatment session after every two-three months.

    You will be able to get additional information during the consultation with our specialist.