Laser tattoo removal

Price 8€ / cm²

In the CleanLine clinic, you can safely remove tattoos and permanent makeup with the help of laser equipment specially designed for removing tattoos, the only one in Estonia, which neither causes inflammations and scars nor damages the skin structure and hair growth. The peculiarity of this equipment consists in the length of its impulse, which is 40 times less than the length of the impulse of the ordinary tattoo removal machine, owing to which the laser beam can destroy even the darkest pigment particles which differ from the natural skin tone. Within 2-3 weeks after the procedure the cells absorb the destroyed pigment, which in the end are removed from the organism via the lymphatic system. The result becomes visible after about three weeks. The procedure should not be repeated earlier than at least 3-4 weeks after the previous treatment. Tattoos become significantly fainter in appearance after each treatment until they disappear completely.

The number of treatments depends on the peculiarities of each tattoo, since different pigments can be used and the depth of the pigment can also vary. The people with larger and denser tattoos will probably have to undergo quite a number of treatments. It is the most difficult to remove coloured tattoos, while ordinary black and dark-blue tattoos are the easiest to remove.

The same method is used if you want to remove permanent makeup you have grown tired of or which has been unsuccessfully made.

In order to get more information, please turn to the specialists of the CleanLine clinic.